Clients’ Benefits
Despatch Current Requirements
CTWide’s Beyond Despatch

For over 10 years, CTWide has been providing a pool of professional dispatchers, handling wide spectrum scope of duties, who report daily to clients, giving advice  and ensuring all dispatch jobs done on the Same Day (hence the term Same Day Delivery/Dispatch)!!

CTWide’s clients no longer manage dispatcher absenteeism and Discipline problems. Many reduced their dispatcher headcounts for CTWide’s professionals,  realising  cost effectiveness and greater efficiency. A large percentage of clients started with us when they could not justify the cost of hiring salaried dispatcher a the duty number is small. They later grew in duty numbers but stayed with CTWide for efficient execute all types of dispatch duties. Clients save up to 60% off their dispatch cost while they  enjoy better dispatch work through CTWide

(Note: Courier could only solve Next Day delivery, and donot reciprocate for  return proof delivery nor exchange document with cheques nor queue-up at payment counters.)

The demand landscape of Despatch in the ICT environment has shifted from information-based documents to hardcopy proofs. Hence, reversed returns of Cheques, acknowledgement slips, receipts and signatures have grown in ratio. CTWide proactively trains dispatchers to handle these reciprocating requirements and also train on time management, as duties now involve longer face-to-face time and waiting time.

Today, CTWide has extended Same Day Dispatch Services to beyond Dispatching. New specialised duties include Buying survey plans, Approved Permit yearly renewals (endorsed runs to Ministries, Embassies, high courts), consignment in-escrow (safekeeping before scheduled delivery) and after hours dispatch service..CTWide’s effort in ensuring the best in the industry, regularly & consistently Does self-audit for


Clients enjoy Good Despatch without managing
CTWide, with a pool of competent dispatch boys, resolves your dispatch disciplines problems:
·    No more dispatcher’s last minutes call of absent or no notice at all.
·    or refusal to travel far or handle slightly difficult duties.
·    or absent without notice and won’t answer telephone calls
·    or bad attitudes: confrontational, stealing or just bad manners
·    or late delivery and poor decision making
Admin staffs no longer stressed over managing these boys or to quickly hire replacements (more often than not, without good success). Thus with CTWide, the consignments never left undelivered, thus avoiding late penalties, lost sales or loss income!!

Saves Costs
Manpower Efficiency
Avoid penalty
Enhance co. Image
As Competitive Advantage
No absenteeism
Extensive Coverage
Highly Competent
Majority of our clients save up to 60% from dispatch salary costs.
Avoid Discipline Problems, absenteeism & bad attitude.
Avoid late penalties for Late document submissions.
On Time Consignments are noticeable as being efficient supplier while payment collections that are professionally on time exudes efficiency to the payers.
Increased your Customers’ confident as products & services are on time, as compared to suppliers with absent dispatchers that can’t get delivery done as required. Adds value to the products and services
Dispatchers always available and replaced with back-ups.
Accessed to all our Zone Dispatchers for whole Klang Valley.
CTWide boys are trained to handle all types of dispatch jobs.