CTWide has been in SameDayDispatch with Door-to-Door service for the last 10years. Our existence helps businesses save on dispatch. SMI businesses enjoy the benefit of sameday delivery without having to hire own dispatch boy, while Big Corporations are relieved from managing despatchers with their problems.  
These are frequently asked questions about CTWide’s SameDay Dispatch service
1.   What Different CTWide’s Dispatch Services as Compared to Courier?
2.   What Different CTWide’s Services as Compared To Own Hired Office Boy or Own Dispatch Boy?
3.   How does our company save with CTWideDispatch?
4.   What is CTWide’s coverage area?
5.   Do you Also Do Courier?
6.   What are the types of dispatch services you do?
7.   What are your operational Hours, Pickup Time and delivery times?
8.   Could you make deliveries after hours or on holidays?
9.   What is Dedicated Dispatcher (DD) program?
10. How could one of your DD replace all our nine dispatch boys?
11. Could CTWide deliver within hours, example 2.00pm pickup and deliver by 5.00pm same evening?
12. Does CTWide Provide same day delivery to other towns out of your coverage areas?
13. Can you deliver our consignments on Public Holidays and after hours?
14. Does CTWide has licence to do dispatch?
15. How do we secure your services?
16. How do you handle parcels?
17. Could your consignment notes be used as proof of delivery?
18. How do we request for reversed pickup?
1. What Different CTWide’s   Dispatch  Services as  Compared to Courier?
2.  What Different CTWide’s Service as Compared To Own Hired Office Boy or Own Dispatch Boy?
3.  How do we save?
4.  What is your coverage
5.  Do you Also Do Courier?
6.  What types of despatch services you do?
7.  What are your operational Hours, Pickup Time and delivery times?
8.  How about deliveries after hours or on holidays?
9.  What is (DD) program?
10.  How could one of your DD replace   all our nine dispatch boys?
11. Urgent delivery within hours. Ex.2.00pm  pickup deliver by 5.00pm?
12.  You Provide same day delivery to other    towns out of your coverage areas?
13.  Can you deliver on Public Holidays and  after hours?
14.  Are you licensed?
15.  How do we began your services?
16.  How do you handle parcels?
17. Could your consignment notes be used as proof of delivery?
18. How do we request for reversed pickup?
CTWideDispatch: Two-way same day delivery with 5 tasks- 1.Pickup from your office, 2.Send/ wait in queue, 3.make Payments/ get acknowledgement endorsed, 4.Batch up return documents then 5.Deliver Return you the Receipts/ cheques/proof. 
Courier: One way delivery, two tasks- 1.Pickup from your office then 2.deliver next day (no proof delivery, receipts)
CTWideDespatch                                   Courier Companies 
1. SameDay Dispatch                               NextDay sending only
    “Send & collect” reversed                      (their SameDay is  costly)
2.  Keep track of Dispatch runs*                Handles only document in hand.
      Reversed documents/  
3. Acknowledment/Receipts                      Not applicable, Different duty  
4. Queue for payments/approvals,             Not applicable, No queue jobs
    buy stamps, company searches,
    survey plans etc  
5. Service with 5 tasks per duty                 Only 2 tasks per duty   
6. Off hours/ off days duties                       No pickup after 5pm or offdays
CTWideDispatch Costs less than your boy’s salary & compensations. Our Dispatchers are Automatically replaced, never out of service and trained to handle various duties. Our dispatchers could complete 100’s of your duties in a day, as they move within their assigned areas (or Zones).
Salaried Dispatch Boy: Could do limited duties (average 5duties/day) as his area coverage is large. You have to manage Discipline problems and scurry for replacement should he goes on leave (usually paid leave).
Let’s do the simple maths: Your own boy costs RM1600** per month (salary RM1000, EPF RM110, motor allowance RM100, petrol RM100, annual leave & medical benefits) and do average 100 duties per month, thus costing you RM 16.00 per duty.CTWide service costs LESS per duty (to/fro), “plus” our job quality is much better.**Note: RM1,600 is the current-market salary rate for dispatch to stay, less than that, they won’t stay long. 
Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Subang, Kelang, Sungei Buloh, Selayang, Kajang, Bangi, westPort, PortKlang, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya..
(didn’t we say we are Klang Valley comprehensive?)
Yes:  We do courier within our coverage area. For domestic and International Courier, we use the safest carrier passages that are to our evaluations the best in their respective Zone coverage as Logistic companies normally cooperate with each other for better economics in their costing.
CTWide handles all types of despatch requirements. Our Services are:
Normal duties:
Sending & Exchanging Documents to your clients/recipients, including reversed collections of Consignments (document/parcel) such as cheque payments by your clients. Obtaining approvals or signatures from various signatories at different locations for a document/cheque.
Payment duties:
Get queue number & make payments to LHDN, EPF, SOCSO, Majlis, Police, JPJ & Utilities.
Submissions :
Court filing, Tender & Contracts, AP approval from MITI, VISA, Stamping, Banking and etc..
Dispatch Runs:
Tracking & doing deliveries of documents for approvals such as-Renewal of AP yearly ie Certify by Notary Public, Translations at highcourts, Submissions to Embassies, Approval by Wismaputra at Putrajaya, Bankdrafts, submissions to MITI (all in one run over a few days).
Mailing Room:
Our team manages your mailing room, reporting to your administrative supervisor/exec.
Dedicated Dispatcher Service:
DDs are Contract dispatchers assigned to your office whose duties are supported by CTWide’s zone dispatchers.
Beyond Despatch Package:
These are services  that are Despatch Related; such as Cheque Reporting Administrations, Mailroom services and Successive Runs & Tracking services, relieving your staff from handling urgent reports etc.. 
Monday-Friday from 8.30am to 5.00pm and Saturday 8.30am to 1.00pm.
Last pickup time per shift is before 11.30am and before 4.30pm. Morning pickups deliver before 5.30pm on the SameDay, while evening pickups deliver before 1.00am the next day. The evening return consignments get delivered to your office the next morning.
Yes: However, please give us advanced notice for special delivery off hours or holidays.
In the DD program, CTWide sends a fulltime Dedicate Dispatcher under contract to administer your dispatch, giving service of sameday delivery with sameday return of back-consignments. He will report directly to you everyday and will report back to your office in the evenings. DD will only do your duties and will be replaced automatically should he goes on leave.
CTWide DD’s are senior dispatchers who instruct other zone dispatchers to assist him executing your duties. By allocating duties to zone dispatchers, he spreads the jobs well ensuring duties are executed on time. Should one zone has more than his share and not able to complete, our rescue dispatcher will assist either with zone normal duties or with only your dedicated duties. DD will batch all returns in the evenings and will immediately deliver return consignments to your office. DD normally handles 100 duties and the rate of each additional duty in the same month will be itemised in your account. The whole package saves of at least 40% to you dispatch cost.
Yes: Should you require very urgent delivery, we will send our Express Dispatch boy. Express Delivery costs us manpower productivity thus the service is premium.
Yes: You need to book us in advance so we prepare a transport and a dispatch boy to do Diplomatic Domestic Rush (DDR). Our Charges will include petrol, tolls, food & lodgings (over 300km) and costs of one delivery boy. Our clients usual requests on DDR are for late submissions of tender documents or to send emergency replacement parts as fast as possible.  DDR is the top end of our premium services where the dispatcher will pickup consignment and send directly to the destination.
Yes: You have to make appointment one day early and we will arrange for pickup and delivery at any hours to any local designations, including Rush to Domestic Peninsular Malaysia.
 CTWide is the premier company in dispatch with over 10 years of experience and is licensed by the Ministry Of Energy, Multimedia and Pos Malaysia. It is illegal to secure the services of any unlicensed operator. Please check your current dispatch provider to ensure you are protected under the Postal act.
Just fax us the CTWide’s agreement duly signed and we will send our dispatcher to deliver consignment notes and pick-up the original agreement from you. Our service would begin immediately upon receiving your first consignment.
 We prefer parcels that could be carried on a motorcycle, up to 10kg in weight. The parcels should be in a tight and robust pack. Heavier parcels are pickup by vans. If the parcels are bulky, normal courier volumetric calculations applies; [Length x breath x height (all in cm)] divided by 6000 = Kilogram weight equivalent.
Yes: CTWide is licensed, thus all consignment notes that are fully endorsed by recipients are admissible evidence of the consignments have been received. You may write references on the consignment notes.
Just fax us the complete address, their telephone number, name of person to pickup from, types of consignments, date & time to pickup. Please also include the name of your staff and contact number (in case of bad address or other issues). Or you may fill-up consignment notes for each reversed pick-up and give to our dispatchers during their visits.
CTWide ‘s efficient utilisation of Despatch and Mailing services gives you better despatch quality as compared to your own-hired Dispatch boys.  Should you have any further question, please contact us:
Tel:   +603-90585455      Fax:  +603-90583711     or email:      Support@ctwide.com.my for clarifications
Same Day Dispatch/ Delivery 
Rush/Express Delivery or Return
Diplomat Service
Dedicated Dispatch (DD) Program
Consignment Notes (CN)
Control Sheets / Job Sheet
Pickup request form (PUR)
Return Receipt Forms
Dispatch License
Volumetric Weight
Fuel Surcharge
 Having two shifts in a day. Morning shift pickups delivery same evening. Evening shift pickups, delivery is before 12pm next day.
Delivery must be made within 3 hours of pickups ie. 10am pickup, delivered by 1pm. In case of Rush return, normal same-day payment but receipts must be returned before office close.
Consignments which are sensitive to temperature or highly valued item or extra-care items or must be handled by just one person without changing hands or must be given directly to consignee at a specific time or very urgent & out of coverage areas dispatch.
Dedicated Dispatch (DD) Program :  Full time or part time hiring of a dispatcher to report directly to you and only do    your duties.  He will get help from other Zone Dispatcher, should his day  schedule is difficult or large duty numbers.  We will get replacement   automatically should he is absent or on leave.
 A Four-ply delivery notes with delivery instructions and dispatch details. A copy each for the Consignor and the Consignee. CTWide’s copy will be kept as proof-delivery and could be used as consignees prove received.  The CN numbers are pre-printed and used for tracking each job.  
Job sheets used by Dispatchers during each shift. Control sheets are also used to  track jobs and as also a back-up prove of  success in delivery.
Form that Dispatcher use when the instruction to collect is via phone or fax. Like  the CN, PUR with pre-printed numbers are used to track and prove job done.
Cheques and all non-CN jobs are returned by itemising all returns in this form as  prove of success return to consignor.
License issued by The Ministry or Energy, Multimedia and Pos Malaysia, allowing CTWide to carry out dispatch/courier service business. The license allows to keep, carry, send/deliver third party documents/ parcels.  Hiring of un-licensed Dispatch/Courier provider is illegal under the Postal Act.
When a consignment is bulky or odd shaped, volumetric weight applies for the purpose of calculating charges. Odd sized/shaped consignments take out space during  delivery.  The calculation is as follows:
Kilogram equivalent (Volumetric weight)=  Length (in cm) x Width (in cm)  x Height (in cm) divided  by 6000
Refers to adjustments in charges to cater for increased in fuel costs for each consignment. Fuel  surcharge is currently 10% of the charged rates as per  the agreement by the Associations  of  Courier Company Malaysia.
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